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Voters Approve Four Of Six Constitutional Amendments - Brevard NC


November 8, 2018

Four of the six Constitutional amendments were approved by North Carolina voters Tuesday.

The following is a breakdown of how Transylvania County voters cast their ballots, with the statewide numbers in brackets:

•Constitutional amend-ment protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.

For: 9,191 (2,048,235)

Against: 6,375 (1,537,100)

•Constitutional amend-ment to strengthen protections for victims of crime; to establish certain basic rights for victims; and to ensure the enforcement of these rights.

For: 9,187 (2,228,296)

Against: 6,331 (1,359,496)

•Constitutional amend-ment to reduce the income tax rate in North Carolina to a maximum allowable rate of 7 percent.

For: 8,824 (2,060,373)

Against: 6,729 (1,531,121)

•Constitutional amend-ment to require voters to provide photo identification before voting in person.

For: 9,226 (2,015,849)

Against: 6,419 (1,615,482)

•Constitutional amend-ment to change the process for filling judicial vacancies that occur between judicial election from a process in which the governor has sole appointment power to a process in which the people of the state nominate individuals to fill vacancies by way of a commission comprised of appointees made by the judicial, executive and legislative branches charges with making recommendations to the legislature as to which nominees are deemed qualified; then the legislature will recommend at least two nominees to the governor via legislative action not subject to gubernatorial veto; and the governor will appoint judges from among these nominees.

Against: 9,213 (2,347,700)

For: 6,093 (1,161,547)

•Constitutional amend-ment to establish an eight-member bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement in the Constitution to administer ethics and elections law.

Against: 8,950 (2,164,886)

For: 6,392 (1,346,715)

Judicial Races

The following is a breakdown of how Transylvania County voters cast their ballots, with the statewide numbers in brackets:

•N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 1 —

Barbara Jackson (Republican): 6,707 (1,227,267)

Christopher Anglin (Republican): 2,347 (589,580)

Anita Earls (Democrat): 6,387 (1,779,592)

•N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 1 —

Andrew T. Heath (Republican): 8,680 (1,770,508)

John S. Arrowood (Democrat): 6,703 (1,821,853)

•N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 2 —

Jefferson G. Griffin (Republican): 6,236 (1,273,173)

Tobias Hampson (Democrat): 6,236 (1,734,177)

Sandra Alice Ray (Republican): 2,809 (552,504)

•N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 3 —

Chuck Kitchen (Republican): 8,388 (1,684, 185)

Michael Monaco Sr. (Libertarian): 630 (164,738)

Allegra Katherine Collins (Democrat): 6,328 (1,741,195)

Uncontested Races

The following local races were uncontested:

District Attorney Greg Newman received 11,373 votes in Transylvania County and 53,719 votes districtwide.

Clerk of Superior Court Kristi Brown received 11,969 votes. Bob Twomey, with 11,034 votes, and Joffrey Merrill, with 10,993 votes, were elected to the Transylvania Soil and Water Conservation District.


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