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Why Do People Still Support Trump?


November 19, 2018

After all the lies and despicable things he has said and done, I’ve often been puzzled why so many otherwise good people still approve of Trump. The answer is now clear — it’s a cult.

Political movements can be cults and people in cults usually don’t understand they’re in a cult. His supporters are still loyal because he’s a masterful manipulator and they’re brainwashed. He under-stood that when he said he could shoot someone and they would still support him.

In an article written in 2012, titled “Dangerous Cult Leaders,” Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent made a list of personality characteristic of such people. This describes Trump so perfectly it could have been written about him:

•He has a grandiose perception of who he is and can achieve.

•Boastful of his accomplishments.

•Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power and brilliance.

•Has exaggerated sense of entitlement that allows him to bend rules and break laws.

•Sexual deviant behavior.

•Is hypersensitive as to how he’s perceived by others.

•Publicly devalues others as inferior, incapable, or not worthy.

•Ignores the needs of others.

•Treats others as objects to be manipulated or exploited for his benefit.

•Is superficially charming.

•Needs to be the center of attention.

•Highly dependent on adoration.

•Doesn’t listen - communication is one-way.

•The word “I” (often expressed as Trump) dominates his conversations.

•Demands unquestioned obedience.

•Anyone who criticizes, questions him or doesn’t support him is called an enemy.

•Perpetuates un-reasonable fear of outsiders (immigrants), evil con-spiracies (deep state) and persecution (the “fake” media).

•Acts with (Twitter) rage when embarrassed publicly.

•Never apologizes for his actions.

•Believes he has all the answers and solutions to world problems.

•Doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with himself.

•Conceals background and truth about family.

Of course, this isn’t going to change any Trump supporter, just as the family of a religious cult member can’t break his or her brainwashing. They’ll support him even if it goes against their own best interest and will continue to believe his and Fox News lies.

Martha Henderson



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