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Do Not Speculate With Tax Money


December 3, 2018

We who live in Brevard have a lot to be thankful for. We have endless access to beautiful open space through national forest land and state parks. That said, I am troubled by actions being taken or considered by two separate governance bodies. I also feel blindsided as the process of consideration has been convoluted.

First, the county commissioners voted to purchase a 55-acre piece of property in a flood zone at a initial cost of $440,000 with no intended purpose. A flood zone purchase — really?

County government is not in the business of land speculation purchasing for an unknown use. Most likely the only viable use is ball fields which was not discussed with the recreation commission, and further, the cost and limitations to use a flood zone is astronomical.

Apparently the Transylvania Economic Alliance identified the property as part of the limited inventory of buildable property, but not for the intended purpose of stimulating jobs. The TEA has done a fantastic job, but maybe it has outlived its usefulness; it has already identified the limited inventory that exists.

On to grieve city council’s ill thought out plans to invest taxpayer funds of $500,000 to subsidize the construction of a non-historical train depot. The project was to be paid by donations, but apparently donor enthusiasm fell short.

I voted to raise my property taxes 21 percent to fund the public school repairs. I did not vote to raise my taxes to buy flood property or to build an expensive bathroom and called it a train depot.

Carole Deddy



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