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Probe Resulting In Guilty Pleas


December 3, 2018

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s 18 month long investigation has resulted in more than 100 criminal counts against 33 people and three companies, one conviction and several guilty pleas. These charges involve the most serious forms of criminal behavior on the part of Russian operatives as well as President Trump’s advisors and past employees: perjury, tax and banking fraud, obstruction of justice, secretly working as an agent of a foreign power, conspiracy to launder money, campaign finance violations, tax evasion, financial fraud, identity theft and conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States by interfering in the 2016 election.

The Nov. 30 guilty plea of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen further supports the claim that Trump operatives worked with Russian agents to sabotage the candidacy of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Even more serious is the possibility that presidential candidate Donald Trump was aware of this conspiracy and, at the same time, was using his powerful position as the leading GOP presidential candidate to obtain approval for building a luxury hotel in Moscow.

In response to these developments, we hear the cries from his supporters: “It’s all a witch hunt… Wrap it up… Mueller’s investigation has gone on too long.” In several cases, these complaints come from GOP senators and representatives who defended William Starr’s four-year investigation of President Bill Clinton that cost $110 million in today’s dollars and resulted in a finding that he had lied about a consensual sexual encounter. (The Mueller probe has not cost the taxpayers a penny since guilty parties will forfeit to the federal treasury considerably more than the cost of his investigation.)

The 19th century English clergyman William Robertson had it right: “There are three things in this world that deserve no mercy: hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny.”

Dan Carter

Pisgah Forest


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