Christmas And The Border Wall


December 27, 2018

We have Congressman Mark Meadows to thank for the government shutdown. He led the charge against a compromise that had been reached which would have prevented the shutdown. Instead he supports his far right measure that would milk us, as taxpayers, for over $5 billion dollars for the border wall which President Trump promised repeatedly we would not have to pay for.

As many celebrate the Christmas story, they seem to cast a blind eye to its true meaning. Mary and Joseph fled across the border into Egypt due to the violence perpetrated by King Herod who at the time was murdering boys. Mary and Joseph, not wanting to be separated from their child the baby Jesus, and fearing for his life, found a sanctuary where they were able to begin a new life as a family, finally feeling safe in a new land despite being among strangers, many of whom brought them gifts.

Imagine if there had been a border wall.

Sally MacMillan



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