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Unimpressed With Youth Vote


December 31, 2018

I am watching TV, which is summarizing the important impactful stories of 2018. One of these is about the students from the Marjory Douglas High School in Florida and their marching and organizing against gun violence. Those students raised our awareness and they pledged to change the culture of guns and subsequent violence. They recognized the political implications and have indeed raised our awareness. And we have admired them and say, “Young people are our future.”

Well yeah, how many young eligible people voted recently? Nationwide, I have heard 30 percent or less. How many here, locally? How many did you see at the polls or active in any way? This by definition is a college town. Where were the young activists?

I personally am unimpressed with a youth voting “wave.”

I have asked professors at the college to encourage their students to attend Democratic or Republican county meetings to see the workings of grassroots politics. It could be informative, especially recently. No response.

As for the young people, is this an alienation to the system, apathy or too busy on social media?

Gerald T. Kilpatrick M.D.



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