Meadows Is Hurting County


January 7, 2019

Like the shut-down that he orchestrated in 2013, Mark Meadows has no problem hurting the constituents of his district in order to support his far-right ideology. According to Saturday’s Washington Post, Meadows says that he was not aware that the food stamp program is impacted. Many people in his district receive food stamps, many are dependent on receiving the tax returns that the IRS cannot process during the shut down, and several small businesses in this county are hurt from decreased use of the forests.

Every dollar spent on a meaningless wall is a dollar that will not go to resolving the problems happening at our southern border. FOX station programs would have viewers believe that anyone who resists the wall is denying that we have a crisis at our border. Only the far-right wants to confuse the issue of spending exorbitant amounts, confiscating private property and destroying sensitive ecological habitats to build an impractical, ineffective wall with financing effective solutions to border security.

The wall has nothing to do with securing our borders and protecting our nation. It has everything to do with appeasing the far-right’s radical base and with Trump making this issue a test of his virility. Mark Meadows is in the thick of this, and he is hurting our county.

Nina Shippen



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