By Dean Crebbin
For The Transylvania Times 

New Library Exhibit Focuses On Alcoholism


January 10, 2019

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The exhibit will be in place throughout January.

Problems With Alcohol? Help Is in The Library!

So declares the banner for the new display in the Transylvania County Library that appeared on Jan. 2 and just in time for New Year's resolutions for some.

The banner is part of a multi-part display that can be viewed at the library throughout the month of January. To prove the point, the long display case on which the banner is mounted shows a selection of the many books that have been written on the subject of alcohol recovery and how to maintain long-term sobriety.

All of the books shown can be found on the shelves of the library, including the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" (on the shelf at 362.292 ALC).

Known as the Big Book, it's the story of how thousands of men and women have recovered from the disease of alcoholism. Also on the shelves (at 362.2 TWE) is the book entitled "Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions," which explains the 12 steps of the AA program, which are the original "steps" upon which today's more than 200 "Twelve Step" programs are based.

Behind the long display case are a series of posters mounted in the library's two tall display cases. Each asks a question which may be of interest to library-goers, and offers a pamphlet which offers the answer.

One poster asks: "Is There an Alcoholic In Your Life," and the pamphlet addresses the problem of alcoholism in the family or workplace.

Another poster asks: "Think You're Too Old for AA?" Another asks: "Think You're Too Young for AA?" Another poster asks "Is Alcoholics Anonymous For You?" and the final poster asks "Want To Find an AA Meeting?"

The pamphlet that answers that question lists the 20 AA meetings available every week in Brevard alone.

There are 33 meetings available in all of Transylvania County.

The topic for the library display is particularly relevant to Transylvania County since it has so high an incident of death from the ravages of the disease of alcoholism.

On Thursday, March 31, 2016, a Transylvania Times article reported on a Community Health Assessment, which was presented by the Transylvania County Health Department to the county Board of Commissioners.

Part of the presentation stated that..."the mortality rate from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, which is typically a result of alcoholism, was 17.9 percent higher than the state rate."

Larry Chapman, a Transylvania County Commissioner at the time, was quoted in the article as saying, "We know we have an alcohol issue."

Help for the problem can be found right in the Transylvania County Library!

The Transylvania County Library provides exhibit and display spaces for education, artistic, historical and cultural materials that promote interest in the use of library material and information, or that share information about the local area, culture and organizations.

The displays are usually changed monthly, and more information is available by calling Kelly McBride at 884-3151, ext. 1830.

Materials for the current display were provided by the Transylvania County AA Public Information Committee of District 71.

For more information on the 33 AA meetings in Transylvania County, call the Brevard AA Hotline at (828) 885-2788, or email

The exhibit spotlights some of the books the library has that tackle the subject of alcoholism.


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