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'King Of Debt' Strikes Out


January 17, 2019

On Tuesday night, Jan. 8, President Trump’s flaming narcisstic ego of distractions, cons, lies and empty campaign promises finally flew off the rails of credibility, plunging into a mountain of burning tires in what was likely his worst public speech. Squinting, sniffing and reading his teleprompter in a monotone of defeat, frustration and despair, the self-proclaimed “king of debt” struck out at the plate.

After 17 days of a government-shutdown temper tantrum, Trump needed a home run to change the political climate in America and D.C. He failed badly.

The speech wasn’t about saving his ultimately fake “wall” to be paid for by Mexico. The $5.7 billion he’s demanded isn’t even close to being seriously considered by Republicans or Democrats and his speech turned into an overt admission he’s out of airspeed, altitude, gas and ideas. The crisis he proudly and foolishly created will end without a wall, a promise he should have never made, and he knows it.

Terry Brant



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