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The Distraction Plan


Last updated 1/16/2019 at 4:46pm

Have you noticed one underlying theme to the Democratic policies against Trump? Having never gotten over his election, the Democratic Party, either knowingly or not, has embarked on a campaign of obfuscation, the smothering and distraction of every positive action or policy which Trump has enacted. And there is much that he has accomplished, from tax relief and the burgeoning economy to restoring of military superiority, the ongoing talks with North Korea, the dumping of NAFTA, the tariff negotiations with China.

The Mueller investigation seems to go on forever with no direct accusation of Russian collusion, but each periphery indictment keeps the buzz going. The ridiculous “impeachment” talk is flooding the airways. The problems at the southern border continue to be ignored by the Pelosis and Schumers of the world while the problem of illegal immigrants continue to plague the nation.

While the liberal media is largely compliant with the Democratic strategy, even FOX is playing into the opposition hands by constantly rebutting the Democratic mantra.

Joe Gerardi



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