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DMV System Is Broken


Last updated 2/13/2019 at 4:05pm

Most of us do not have regular contact with government agencies in our daily lives. Recently, I had to experience the operations of the Department of Motor Vehicles as part of an effort to get the new NC REAL ID driver’s license.

My personal experience involved more than five hours of waiting over three days at the Brevard facility before completing the process. The first attempt failed after a three hour wait because information with my home address on a Social Security communication was deemed insufficient. They wanted to see my original 2x3 inch card from the 1960s. On the second attempt, I left immediately after seeing the jammed waiting room, a room that didn’t even have enough seating for their patrons. Sitting on the floor or standing for hours is not much fun for us seniors. I succeeded on the third attempt after a 2 ½-hour wait.

In fairness to the DMV personnel, I will say they were both courteous and helpful. It’s the system at fault, not the people. Any private sector service business run in this fashion would have gone broke in a matter of weeks.

Now we hear the radical fringe of the Democratic party calling for “democratic socialism.” This is a call for even more government involvement in American enterprises and more centralization of power in the hands of the government - more power to congressional staffs, civil service unions and the lobbyists that feed on the system. Oh my God! Just think of it. Under such schemes, we would witness more control of American businesses, hospitals, schools and churches by government agencies similar to a DMV!

Oh goody, they might say. More government. Isn’t that just dandy!

Steve Seelinger



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