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We Need Gentle Men, Not Bullies


February 14, 2019

Growing up in Wyoming, we felt safe because bullies were taunted with “Pick on somebody your own size!” And then somebody their size would offer themselves. Men who beat up women were scorned and considered cowardly. This seemed to be the Code of the West and we felt safe.

I don’t know what the Code of the South is, but a lot of women put up with a lot of brutality here in the name of love. Lucky for us we have SAFE’s Attic to shelter those women and their children away from violent boyfriends and husbands. (Their number is 885-7233 and they will help you escape.)

A man who beats up the one he has promised to love and cherish, and who abuses his own children to the point of requiring the courts to intervene to protect his family from his meanness, that man is not a good role model to be in a position of power. His presence in high places implies that assault on another person is okay.

Although I don’t want him turned loose on the streets, I want Cody Henson to resign immediately. If the Republicans can’t find a gentleman (gentle man) to fill his place, there are plenty of good Democrats who can.

Elizabeth Reshower

Pisgah Forest


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