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Climate Change Is A Major Culprit


February 18, 2019

Well, we had our knickers all up in a wad over a “wall” and the government shutdown. One version is the combat between the orange-haired alpha male and the child-tantrum-ignoring grandmother who has dealt with hissy fits before. While there is some importance to establishing the role of Congress versus the presidency, it seems to me that our nation is led away from the real honest-to-God serious problems facing us.

I suggest that the migration of peoples from Central America, as well as the migrations of peoples from Africa to Europe, as well as the uprisings in the Middle East, all have a common cause: Too many people trying to live off of land that is failing to produce the needed crops; rising food prices of essentials like bread; and in some situations energy prices as well. Climate change is a major culprit. Maybe you have noticed how feisty people can get when denied basic life needs.

The current alarms and excursions are but a precursor to what we can expect in the coming decades. Will the world even be governable when the 50 percent of global population must abandon cities on the coasts? Where will we put these migrants? What about those who lose the mountain snowmelt and glaciers that provide current drinking water? Will current economic systems even be relevant under conditions leading to such political instability? Do wealthy people really think they can insulate themselves from the rest of us?

What is it about us that ignores the coming effects on our children? (We sure raise a lot of hell over their fetus status.) Why will we not act? Why are we not responding to the science? Is science not trustworthy? How do you think we sent a spaceship 10 years and 4 billion miles to get pictures of a moving target only 20 miles in size?

The sorry part is that we know what to do to minimize the greenhouse gases that are causing global warming. What do you say to your grandchildren?

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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