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Stop Destroying Trees


March 4, 2019

We might need to warn potential homebuyers new to the area that our scenic beauty is subject to destruction at any time. When the DOT decides that we need to look at more asphalt instead or Duke Energy wants to establish dominance over all the land beneath their random webbing of wires, then enormous machines come crashing through destroying and mutilating everything in their path.

My weeping willow tree (salix Babylonica) was worthy of the paintings of Monet, which sell for millions, most recently, for more than $84 million. His series called “The Japanese Bridge” shows how this internationally-esteemed artist valued the beauty of these trees. My question, dear reader, is, for how much should I sue Duke Energy and their mindless minions, Asplundh, for the willful destruction of such beauty in my own back yard? Are we to be passive, helpless victims to these brute corporations?

“These are very rare around here,” the arborist I had called to fix it said. “It must be the creek that helps it thrive.”

That tree was the most beautiful view I had from my back porch. I fought the DOT to save it! I’m leaving it, wounded, jagged and ragged, as a display of the blind destruction by the power company which holds us hostage.

“Someday, somebody will invent a machine that will sequester carbon from the air and help save the planet,” somebody said.

And a wiser person replied, “We already have those. They are called trees.”

If Duke actually put their ledgers down and thought about it, they would see that the possibilities already exist here for alternative, less harmful sources of electricity. While the younger generation screams and pleads for us to stop the destruction of the life-support systems they will need in the future, these behemoths keep crashing on through, dragging us all with them to Doomsday in the name of business. God help us.

Elizabeth Reshower



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