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Registration Open For VISION's Upcoming Class


March 14, 2019

Photos courtesy of Edward Maglott

Angela Owen, VISION Transylvania director.

Blue Ridge Community College and VISION Transylvania invite comm-unity members to join VISION Transylvania's 10-month community leadership development program.

The new cohort will begin in August 2019, but spaces are expected to fill up quickly.

Registration went online at on March 11.

"Vision Transylvania is a program that's designed to equip and empower the group of informed, connected, engaged leaders. We take one day a month to focus on unique attributes of the community. We weave in intentional leadership development skills and build life-long friendships and life-long community advocates," said Angela Owen, VISION Transylvania's director.

VISION Transylvania participants engage with aspects of life in Brevard and the surrounding communities such as art, history, education, local government, environmental and natural resources, economic development, law enforcement and public safety, and health care and human services.

Owen said, "No matter where you go in this community, you're going to find someone who has come through the program. VISION represents the idea that there's always a place for us to continue striving. VISION is a place where we want to be very intentional and thinking through and thinking forward.The real impact occurs once the community leaders graduate and move on."

Many community leaders who have graduated from VISION Transylvania speak highly of the program and their interactions with Owen, who practices a unique type of leadership.

Glenda McCarson, Blue Ridge Community College's associate vice president, said, "Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the VISION program. Her love of this community and students makes the VISION experience rich and meaningful."

Stephanie Adams, a current VISION participant said, "Angela's passion about VISION Transylvania is exemplified in her expertise and leadership of this exceptional program. She leads by example, and because of her compassionate guidance, I too hope to inspire others with the mind of a leader and the heart of a humanitarian."

Owen, who earned her degree in electrical engineering at N.C. State, underwent extensive leadership training while in management for Procter and Gamble.

As an engineer, Owen is able to look at processes, how things function. Owen brings this process analysis into her leadership development by looking at people and their organizations simul-taneously.

As a leader, Owen said, "I love coaching and developing people, and it is the most exciting thing for me to see somebody else succeed."

"When I look inside any organization, whether it's a business, working with a local nonprofit, my family or our student population, wherever it is, I'm looking through the lens of, what's the gem inside of the people that they may not see?

"Not all people think of themselves as leaders, but in my view there's a leadership element that all people have whether they are applying it or not.

"One of my objectives is that we learn and model building bridges. I'm particularly passionate about that in a world where it's so easy to be polarized and see it's A or B, it's this way or that way. I really want VISION to be a place where we learn to practice having those really good healthy discussions, to practice intellectual conflict and to have an underlying respect all the time, so I try to present different scenarios in case studies that give participants a look beneath the surface a little bit."

VISION students can expect to network, learn about the Transylvania County community and discuss real challenges and opportunities.

The cohort works together towards a positive vision for the future.

Register online ASAP at or call (828) 883-2520 to join the 35-member VISION Transylvania community leadership development program that will begin this fall.


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