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Brevard Academy Students Learn About Aviation Careers


April 11, 2019

Twomey talks to students about helicopters and aviation careers.

Twice in recent months, Brevard Academy students' eyes were pointed to the skies as Bob Twomey soared over the treetops into view. As he navigated the strong winds, he managed landing his Schweizer 269C Rotorcraft in the field all the while making it look as easy as sitting down.

Twomey, a 40 plus year veteran of conservation efforts donated his time to share his aviation passion with the middle schoolers. Middle school classes also hovered around the single engine 205 horsepower helicopter to not only have a peek inside, but to get a glimpse into the exciting career path of Aviation.

Bob Twomey brings a Schweizer 269C Rotorcraft down from the treetops.

Twomey covered such topics as the parts and pieces of the aircraft, including the science behind flying. He discussed the education and training requirements to obtain a pilot's license as well as the growing shortage of aeronauts. He also discussed weather and flight risks and costs and income potential of the various types of pilots and aircrafts.

Kody Pendleton, a seventh grader, said, "I think the most interesting thing was that the fuel weighed more than half of the entire helicopter."

The students were able to get firsthand accounts of flying from an experienced member of the Transylvania County aviation community.

"It was such a cool experience and we really appreciate Mr. Twomey taking so much time out of his day to come talk to us," said eighth grader Isabelle Lefler.


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