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President Is Getting Worse


April 18, 2019

Our president’s behavior, it seems to me, has become more erratic and inconsistent as time goes on. Early on, some psychologists had suggested that he suffered from extreme narcissism, and that this would get worse with time. Other observers pointed out that he was having trouble with expressing himself in a connected logical way, and that comparison of today’s speech with speeches and talks he made years ago showed signs of mental decline.

I freely confess that the man’s bullying behavior and cruelty absolutely disgust me. (In all honesty, I also disagree with the bulk of his political positions, like killing environmental and other government regulations, but these are the sorts of things that good people can honestly disagree on.)

We spend a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out what he really means when he says something, or even whether he really believes what he is saying. He seems to believe that he, himself, personally, is the government, and that whatever he says is correct. I suggest that it is time to begin to wonder if the man is in the beginning stages of some sort of dementia, not so uncommon for some people of his age.

Trying to get real meaning out of a mentally compromised person is a fool’s errand. Is that where we are now? Do you not have some nagging doubts?

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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