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Last updated 4/24/2019 at 4:07pm

Photo Courtesy Roger Wirmer

Lightning left its mark on a pine tree.

A Pet Pig Comes Calling

Bailey the Labrador retriever was at the foot of the driveway barking like crazy. That's when Betsy Wise knew something was up.

"Something" turned out to be a surprise visitor, a 250-pound pig who spent much of the day at the Wise household on Unvquolad Court near the Walnut Hollow Gate.

Unfazed by the barking, the uninvited guest wobbled up the driveway to Wise's home.

"She was right by the door like she wanted to come in," said Betsy. "She wasn't about to leave, so I fed her apples out of hand. She was really sweet."

The porcine visitor turned out to be a pet named "Barbie" (as in Barbie Cue), and was a runaway - well, walk-away - from neighbor Dan Owen.

Later in the day, Dan arrived with his truck and his son to retrieve the animal, but Barbie wasn't having any.

"Apparently she wasn't ready for her adventure to be over," said Betsy. "She went squealing into the laurel leading everyone on a merry chase. Eventually she returned when Bailey and my husband, Dean, went for a walk. She joined them for a walk down the street, then back up the driveway and into the garage."

Betsy fed Barbie dog food in the garage until the owner could corral her and take her away.

"She was better than some people visitors I've had," said Betsy. "She was a very nice guest and she's welcome back anytime she has an itch for travel."

An Electric Moment

Roger Witmer, of East Moytoy Lane, was out on his deck taking pictures of an impending storm on April 10. Little did he know it would come right over his house.

Roger retreated to his office and was seated at the computer when the storm hit, announcing its arrival with a bolt of lightning that shook the house while decapitating a nearby 75-foot pine tree.

"I jumped a foot out of my chair," said Roger. "That was the loudest sound I've ever heard."

The lightning sheared a path down the tree, leaving a trail as it went.

"Pieces of bark went flying everywhere, some in 6-foot sections, some in thin slices. Anybody outside could have been beheaded," said Roger.

No one was injured by the Zeus javelin, but the Witmer household lost the internet, several power outlets and light bulbs and suffered a ruined TV.

Around Connestee Falls, the ensuing hail took its toll on several cars. Dimples are attractive on the chins of movie stars like Kirk Douglas and Cary Grant, but not so much on the roofs and hoods of parked automobiles.

A Transylvania Times headline said it best: "Rain, Hail, Bombard Brevard."

An Early First Impression

Talk about meeting early! Dave and Susan Donaldson, who celebrated their 70th birthdays April 1 and April 4, were born just three days apart in Rockford, Ill. The two babies were in the maternity ward at Rockford Memorial Hospital at the same time.

Actually, their lifelong romance began when they met again at a high school dance in Rockford. They were high school sweethearts at 16 and married at 22. They moved to Connestee Falls 15 years ago.

According to Dave, Susan peeked under the diapers of the other babies in the hospital and selected him as a future husband. Susan disputes that version.

"I did peek under the diapers, but I picked Dave because I felt sorry for him," she said.

Their 70th birthdays were the occasion for what was meant to be a surprise party on April 4. It almost didn't come off.

After celebrating Dave's birthday on April 1 and sister-in-law Cindi Donaldson's on April 2, Susan had had enough with birthdays. She was ready to just stay at home on April 4. In the meantime, some 60 guests had been invited to surprise them at the Outpost that evening at a party organized by Connesteeans Cindi and Larry Donaldson, Dave's brother.

Now it couldn't be a total surprise.

"I had to call Dave and alert him," said Cindi. "I told him, 'don't ask me why, but you have to get Susan to that party if you have to drag her by the hair.' "

That wasn't necessary, but Dave did get Susan to the Outpost that evening. Owned by Connesteeans Bill and Nannette Brinkley, the Highway 276 gathering spot rang with laughter and the singing of "Happy Birthday."

Contributing to the festivities by supplying food, cake, a "Happy Birthday" banner and "70th" stickers on Hershey kisses were Barb Andreassen, Sylvia Crawford and Eve "PG" Jantzen.

Vote On Connectivity

By now, you should have received a ballot in the mail on the proposal to spend up to $900,000 of CPFOA money to pay for fiber optic connectivity in Connestee Falls. If passed, the proposal would provide connectivity for 284 member-owned homes and lots and an additional 211 CFPOA-owned lots that currently lack internet connectivity.

Members will have until May 14 to turn in their ballots to the CPFOA Administrative Office. Votes will be counted by the Election Committee and the results will be announced at the board meeting on May 16.

If You Show It, They Will Come

There's a good one coming up Friday at Movie Night in the Cherokee Room. That would be "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and Burt Lancaster in his final film role.

Photo Courtesy by Betsy Wise


You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy this feel-good baseball fairy tale, which was nominated for three Academy Awards, including for Best Original Score, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. Cherokee Room doors open at 5:45 p.m. and the movie is at 6 p.m. There will be free popcorn and snacks and a cash bar.

Weather Report

With all the rain we've had this month, some folks thought they'd have to either get a "RO BOAT" (blue Honda CR-V) or take to the "HGHRGRND" (silver Toyota RAV-4). "WEBEDUCKS" (tan Chevy Tahoe) are right at home in the wet weather, and the ducks say "IMLUVNIT" (red Lexus convertible."

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