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By Park Baker
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Blue Smoke BBQ Food Truck Opening Stationary Location


April 25, 2019

The owners of Blue Smoke BBQ food truck have purchased the space at the corner of Caldwell and Broad Streets and will soon start offering drive-through meals on one side of the space and a walk-up counter on the other side.

Owners Marc and Maggie Kaufman mastered their smoking skills in Kansas, where the “backyard barbecue” is just what people do on the weekends.

Ask any local, and they will swear that Marc is using some sort of illicit substance that makes people crave his food, but it’s just not true. The food is just that good.

They even offer meat substitutes like jackfruit, a kind of breadfruit, and it’s hard to tell the difference between pulled jackfruit and pulled pork.

They closed on the property on Feb. 11, and have been using it as a commissary kitchen to prepare food for their barbecue trailer. Blue Smoke BBQ can be found at The Hub and Pisgah Tavern on Sunday and Mondays, and the East Fork Tap Room, located at Headwaters Outfitters, on Friday and Saturday.

They plan on continuing to serve both those locations, as well as opening the drive-through location, hopefully by the end of April, according to Maggie.

“We are going to open hopefully this month, but we’re not sure about a date yet,” she said. “We have to get it inspected as a restaurant instead of a kitchen once we’re ready. We’re getting soda machines put in, and stuff like that just isn’t done yet.”

Maggie said they plan on rotating the menu daily, just like they do with the trailer, and she said they will run out of menu items.

In their first year in Brevard, they saw a growth of 150 percent in sales going into their second year, and each year after they have grown by at least 20 percent. Ribs, according to Marc, are their most popular menu item.

“We’re just trying to keep up with it,” Maggie said. “We are going to try and do online ordering, too, so people can buy lunch for their office and then one person can come pick it up. We have the best customers ever. We’re really grateful that we have been able to be as successful as we have been, and it’s all been word of mouth, so that’s awesome.”

The new Blue Smoke location will have lunch Tuesday through Sunday, with an emphasis on barbecue classics and some regional favorites.

Marc managed a kitchen in Colorado before the pair moved to Brevard, and he has worked in restaurants just about all his life, going on 18 years, but he says he doesn’t have any formal training on a smoker.

“As far as the barbecue thing, we’re both from Kansas City originally, “ he said. “That’s where I picked up the barbecue skills, which I fine tuned once we started doing Blue Smoke, but a lot of our flavor profiles come from Kansas City-style barbecue. We have regional Carolina style sauces as well, but my barbecue background comes from being part of that weekend barbecue culture in Kansas City, and they barbecue all day.”


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