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April 29, 2019

People attain leadership positions by various means.  Some start at the bottom and work their way up. Some attain the requisite degrees or certificates. Some inherit their positions while others advance by the force of their personality. These means are not mutually exclusive and each one can have its own benefits and drawbacks.

Regardless of how people attain their leadership roles, the better leaders not only have the administrative skills and vision to lead their organization, but they also have empathy for their employees and understand the everyday, and sometimes unusual, challenges they face. These leaders respect the work their subordinates do and, when necessary, are willing to engage in that work themselves. 

Transylvania County Sheriff David Mahoney worked his way up through the Sheriff’s Office. His path gave him an understanding of the various duties of employees within his department. He also has been able to successfully transition into his leadership role, handling not only the everyday administrative tasks but also looking to the future and implementing several programs that improve the safety of this community.

Last week when a homicide suspect was on the loose in the Rosman area, Mahoney did not leave the dangerous and dirty work up to his subordinates. Mahoney himself joined law enforcement officers searching for the suspect. On Thursday afternoon, Mahoney found him. In the style of a good leader, Mahoney said the arrest was the result of a team effort.

Mahoney is to be commended for not only for his management skills, but also his willingness to go into the field and do the dangerous work that his employees undertake.


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