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Make Asheville Highway Attractive


Last updated 4/29/2019 at 3:39pm

Brevard is a great city and has rightfully earned its reputation as an outstanding place to live. How many cities of its size offer a superb four-year college, the Brevard Music Center, a Philharmonic orchestra, an excellent local newspaper and residents who can always be counted on to pitch in to help when the need arises. Couple all that with a moderate climate and it’s no wonder that Brevard attracts a continual stream of visitors, the majority of whom arrive via the Asheville Highway; it’s that very road that can contribute significantly to a first time visitor’s initial impression of Brevard. It is truly the gateway to Brevard.

The approximately 1- mile section of the Asheville Highway running south from Allison Road to the intersection of North Broad and North Caldwell is home to several small businesses and franchise operations, all of which contribute positively to our economy. That section of road is also the home to some businesses which have shut down and their former locations are now falling into disrepair. Without careful planning and oversight the roadway could easily shift from just busy to a cluttered eyesore that sends exactly the wrong message to visitors and residents.

In a few years NCDOT will begin a major alteration of that roadway to construct a median, some roundabouts and bicycle lanes. This construction will give Brevard the opportunity to significantly improve the image of the roadway.

There are two actions necessary for Brevard to take. First, planting each side of the road with trees would make a big difference. Secondly, adopt a phased-in sign ordinance that provides for a uniform basic design and directives regarding size, height, and placement.

To get all this done is going to take time and money. It will require the full support of the citizens, the business community, and our city and county governments. I feel that the measures I have proposed will have a big payoff, not only in business and government revenue, but also in well-deserved civic pride.

Now is the time to start!

Robert McCann


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