Trump Has Done A Lot


April 29, 2019

In response to Bill Thomas’ letter titled “The President is Getting Worse.” Thomas’s letter attacks the president’s mental health, his ability to express himself to Thomas’ liking and most anything the president says on most any subject.

I am reminded this story has two sides to it. The untold side of Thomas’ letter is that since Trump’s election the gross domestic product has been running in excess of 3 percent annually while under Obama it consistently ran under 2 percent for eight years. Whooppee!

Under previous administrations our North Atlantic Treaty Allies had for years neglected to carry their share of NATO costs. Now they are starting to meet that obligation. After almost 40 years we had failed to bring about a truce to the Korean War. While it isn’t easy, we finally have a president who is trying to do something about it. I am reminded of that famous poem which states, “the harpies of the shore shall strike the eagle of the sea”… Don’t bet on it! He isn’t easy to pluck!

I can understand it if Thomas doesn’t appreciate Trump’s style. But don’t mistake style for accomplishment. Think of Yogi Bera! I’ll take accomplishment every time over style. Here’s to six more years of Trump!

I used to have sympathy and respect for Democrats. That’s before they elected Pelosi, who pulled that cheap stunt on our newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. They have appointed Schumer, then elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and finally Sanders, the socialist. It has been tried, without success, all over the Western hemisphere. But Sanders wants to try one more time.

I think it was Edison who once said that trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result was stupidity. How many times has socialism been tried? But Sanders’s giving it one more try.

Don Stinchcomb



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