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A Sad Irony


May 9, 2019

A Sad Irony

I read with great sadness the poignant letter to the editor by Polly Averette describing the return home of Riley Howell, the young man who gave his life to save others in the recent shooting at UNC-Charlotte a few days ago.

Finishing the paper, I glanced at the classified ads and found an ad for an AR-15 that included extra magazines and ammo for $500 or best offer. Anyone can purchase that gun with no background checks or other restrictions and the next day walk into Brevard Elementary or The Boys & Girls Club or one of our local churches and destroy the lives of dozens in a matter of seconds.

The NRA has perverted the intention of the Second Amendment to make this possible. As the song says, “When will they ever learn?”

Jim Hardy

Pisgah Forest


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