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Endangering Bicyclists


Last updated 5/13/2019 at 1:30pm

Since moving to Transylvania County in 1976 my family and I have been proud to call it home. To the occasional race related query from friends and relatives elsewhere, we emphasized Brevard High School’s successes in making it better and today’s continuing community efforts to heal that stain.

Today, however, I am not proud; I’m ashamed. After my recent “near miss” bicycle incident on Tinsley Road I vented on Facebook. The mean endangerment and blatant disregard of road bikers safety displayed there makes me ashamed, and worried about the future. All we (bikers) ask is our lawful four feet of space when overtaken. I was given four inches at best when “buzzed” on my bike last Sunday.

Why can’t Brevard be more like Hibbing, Minn. a truly “bike friendly” town. Last summer while Biking a multi-day trial in northern Minnesota my friend and I spent a night there. What a wonderful reception for bikers. Everyone from storekeepers to cops could not seem to stop the welcome. From always letting you go first at the towns many four way stops to policemen who offer friendly unsolicited help - just because you looked a little confused.

This needs to be Brevard’s future, not the hatred, vitriol and endangerment I recently experienced. Tourist Biking is an exciting economic engine. How many other small towns would love the attention it has brought us? But without a good local attitude toward the inevitable inconveniences (like holding you up a few minutes so you don’t have to dangerously pass and get a biker killed, it can just as quickly go away.

Why can’t I be proud again? Why can’t we be more like this small, tourist busy Minnesota town?

I worked every day for 20 years with long time county residents and natives at Ecusta, and I know we can do it. I’m convinced, in spite of the critics and obstructionist found on Facebook, that, my town, my neighbors, are capable of becoming rather “the friendliest and safest Biking venue around.” Why not?

Don Rogers



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