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Screaming Children Ruin Show


May 20, 2019

It’s too bad that people seated on the hillside lawn for the otherwise excellent Songsmith Gathering were negatively impacted by the screaming children running wild throughout the area.

Don’t take me for a cranky old lady. I volunteer with small children and I understand and appreciate their exuberance, but the level of noise across the lawn area interfered with my enjoyment of the event.

I attend many performances at Brevard Music Center. Perhaps that is why I’m used to a respectful lawn audience.

I understand that the far side is where the children play. What I don’t understand is why many parents do not seem to explain to them that yelling at each other is not acceptable behavior in a venue where other people paid $40 a ticket to listen to the music?

Likewise, I don’t understand why children were allowed to chase each other, not just in the children’s corner, but all over the venue, yelling and screaming at each other. These were not just young children but pre-teenagers who are capable of understanding rules, if they are given them.

Many of these children belong to local families. Please, parents, instill some manners into your children when attending public musical events. Yelling and screaming during performances is not acceptable.

Elda Brown



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