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The Abortion Debate


May 27, 2019

It has been evident in the movement toward strict anti-abortion laws being passed in several states, that the issue seems to be the anti-abortion proponents deny the privacy rights as defined in Rowe vs. Wade, which set the current law allowing abortion in the United States. The issue argued seems to be the proponents of anti-abortion believe that the protection of human life seems to outweigh a woman’s right to privacy with her body.

If the above is correct, perhaps we need to change the conversation to address the issues being raised. I would like to see the persons advocating for repeal of Rowe vs. Wade defend their position that their motive in denying privacy rights is that human life is highly valued. In court, would they be able to prove that the current policies, actions and words of the anti-abortion legislators are in keeping with the honoring of all human life?

In addition, the heartbeat criteria raised seems to indicate anti-abortion proponents are basing their honoring of life as determined by the presence of a heartbeat in the fetus. If this is true, then perhaps the laws being developed should also recognize the equal responsibility of the father. No woman can conceive without some form of male participation. Unless it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the father was unaware of either the pregnancy or the attempts to abort, then the father should be equally culpable in any consequences leading to the lack of protection of the human fetus.

Let the conversation go to where the debate is currently being directed.

Susan McKee Martin


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