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Brevard High Seeks Funds To Restore Piano

More Than $21,000 Needed


June 13, 2019

For more than 40 years, the Brevard High School Chorus and Theater performances have been accompanied by beautiful music being created by many talented pianists and one piano. The singular piano is a Baldwin Grand piano manufactured in 1971. This instrument is in desperate need of restoration. The sound quality is suffering from worn keys, hammers, wippens, shanks and felts. Essentially, all the internal works of the piano need to be replaced. The case also needs to be refinished to restore it back to the beautiful instrument it was when originally put into service.

When asked about the piano and the need for the restoration effort, Charles Burchill, Brevard High’s Chorus Director, shared the following:

“What I know about this piano is that it has been with BHS for most of its lifetime. In that time, it has been accessible to countless students and used in hundreds of concerts. In all that time, this piano has not had a major refurbishment, and the usual lifetime of a piano’s soundboard is 50 years if it is well taken care of. Unfortunately, our piano does not fall into the well taken care of category.

“Although it is still a wonderful instrument, it needs a major restoration within the next couple of years in order for it to continue to serve our school and community. Brevard High School is looking toward the future now more than ever with its rebuild approved and being planned, and our arts programs are following suit. I would like for this piano to accompany us along our journey to becoming one of the best music programs in the state.”

Keith Freeburg, of Freeburg Pianos in Hendersonville, evaluated the piano in April and provided the work scope and cost estimate for a complete restoration. Brevard resident Mark Lane, father of a current BHS Chorus member, started a GoFundMe effort to raise the $21,350 needed.

“I really hope more people in our community become interested in this effort and pitch in however they can to keep us progressing towards meeting this goal,” said Lane. “I also hope that a strong show of public support may help in convincing the Tran-sylvania County School Board that this effort is worth allocating TCS funds to assist in achieving the goal.”

To make a contribution, visit and search for “high-school-piano-restoration” ( All donations to the campaign are transferred directly to an account managed by Transylvania County Schools.

For more information, Lane can be reached directly at (828) 553-0924.


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