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The Unborn Have Value


Last updated 6/17/2019 at 2:23pm

If you don’t believe in abortion you are labeled a misogynist, meaning you hate women. So, if you believe in abortion, does that make you a hater of the unborn? There must be a real catchy name for that.

As more and more advancements are made in science, we realize that what we thought was a blob of tissue is, in fact, a human being with a heartbeat. How do we reconcile that to the legal slaughter that takes place every day in this country?

The focus of the issue is two-fold; the woman or the child. Does a fetus have any value? The argument today is that privacy and self-fulfillment takes precedent over human life.

Some people like to proclaim that women’s equality is at the heart of the argument. A woman can do as she pleases with her body. I don’t think many people will disagree with that. The fact is that a pregnancy involves a separate life. It is in various stages of growth just as we all are from conception to adulthood.

Equality or value? Do we value the unborn? I have heard them referred to as not human.

Throughout the ages there has always been a segment of society that was treated without any regard to them as human beings. African slaves, Jews, and Gypsies, are just a few that had no value. It is not all about equality, but it is about worth and value.

If the pendulum swings the other way and abortion becomes illegal, I, for one, will cheer because the unborn have value and deserve life. I think that day will be the day this country returns to sanity.

Vickie Van Antwerp



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