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Sad, Tired And Hopeful


July 29, 2019

I’m sad and tired and hopeful... sad for an angry and hate filled country. I’m sad for the children who are being treated as pawns in a political war. I’m sad for the energy being wasted when it could be used for the positive. I’m sad for our senior citizens who are part of a world of scammers and companies trying to steal their hard earned money. I’m sad for those fighting bigger battles than we will ever know or understand. I’m sad for anyone that doesn’t appreciate every little thing they have; love, a roof, water, food. I’m sad for those whom can no longer find the joy in life, for those who take advantage of their good health. I’m sad for anyone without the love and support of good friends and family.

I’m tired of racism, hate and anger. I’m tired of everyone pointing the finger at everyone else and never looking in the mirror.

I’m hopeful we will come together for the betterment of our country. I’m hopeful the children will be rescued instead of used in a political war. I’m hopeful for the negative to turn into the positive, I’m hopeful that our senior citizens have someone in their corner to fight off those who take advantage. I’m hopeful that we can all become more appreciative and realize that we aren’t here for ourselves, but to do for others and that makes life worth living. I’m hopeful that those going through battles have love and support to make the journey a little less scary. I’m hopeful that we can all love each other and not see race, religion or sexual orientation. I’m hopeful that when we look in the mirror, we can start there with change.

Sabrina Kensinger

Pisgah Forest


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