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Should Trump Be Impeached?


August 1, 2019

Of course Trump should be impeached. Evidence already in is compelling that the man is a crook, a pathological liar, a showman who boasts about being above the law, and a hateful, divisive president whose rhetoric and reckless behavior is putting our nation and planet at risk. Whatever he does, it would seem, is on the basis of his personal greed, which renders him indifferent to the well-being of most humans and other creatures on earth.

But the Senate under McConnell will not convict Trump, so the House’s efforts to mount an “impeachment inquiry” can only be symbolic, an effort to do the right thing, which is often a worthy undertaking in itself. We don’t win; we just do the right thing.

But moral choice is often more complicated. What if there are competing “right things?” What if impeaching Trump is less important than getting him out of office as soon as possible? What if our efforts to get him impeached aren’t wrong, but are less urgent than making sure he is defeated in 2020.

People like me are sometimes asked why we hate Trump. It’s not Trump per se that we hate. He’s a small-minded, weak man, more to be pitied than despised. We hate Trump’s evil ways. We hate his contempt for the poor, for people of color, for women, especially dark women, for handicapped, sick, and elderly neighbors, for persons of diverse genders and sexualities, and for Muslims and people of minority faith traditions in this country, and for the earth.

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were not hateful men. I thought their policies were often misguided — for example, the contra’s undermining of the Nicaraguan Revolution (under Reagan) and the tragically ill-advised Iraq War (under Bush). I voted against them.

Donald Trump is a different sort of character. He’s a con-man without a conscience who must be removed from office. I suggest that the “right” day will have to be Jan. 20, 2021.

Carter Heyward

Cedar Mountain


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