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What's New At The Library: Lots Of New Mysteries Available To Investigate


August 19, 2019

These new mysteries books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Box, C.J. “The Bitterroots.” Cassie Dewell has been enjoying her time as a private investigator and being her own boss. But when an old friend calls in a favor, Cassie feels like she has to say yes. Her friend is worried about a man who has been accused of assaulting a women from a wealthy family. Cassie knows the man is innocent, but the family is powerful and will stop at nothing to get what they want. (M FIC BOX)

Crais, Robert. “A Dangerous Man.” Joe Pike is still sitting in his Jeep in the bank parking lot when the teller who helped him, Isabel, walks out the door. Isabel is suddenly abducted by two masked men. Joe chases them down and arrests them, but the incident isn’t over. The abductors post bail and are murdered, and Isabel is missing. Joe calls on his friend Elvis to help him find the truth. (M FIC CRA) Johansen, Iris. “Smoke Screen.” A journalist has just returned from a small African village where half of the residents have been killed by a horrific guerrilla attack. The families need forensic sculptor Eve Duncan to come help them identify people and help them heal. But when Eve arrives in the remote, jungle village, she realizes that she can’t trust anyone and that her own life could be at risk. (M FIC JOH)

Lippman, Laura. “Lady in the Lake.” After twenty years as a housewife, Maddie is excited to start her life-long dream job as a newspaper reporter. She throws herself into investigating the murder of a young woman whose body was found in the lake at a city park. Maddie begins her interviews with people she has never spoken to, including patrol cops, store clerks, and a lonely man in a theater. (M FIC LIP)

Price, Adam O’Fallon. “The Hotel Neversink.” It takes thirty-one years for the Hotel Neversink to finally open, but the excitement is marred by the disappearance of a young boy on the property. It is the first child to go missing, but not the last. The mystery plagues the next three generations of the Sikorsky family who own the hotel. The dark, haunting, history drags on as the murderer isn’t caught and the hotel withers. (M FIC PRI)

Rosenfelt, David. “Bark of Night.” A healthy, young French Bulldog named Truman is dropped off at the veterinarian’s office with instructions to be euthanized. The vet is concerned because there is nothing wrong with Truman, but he can’t find the man who dropped the dog off. In steps lawyer Andy Carpenter and his dog Tara. When Andy begins to look into the matter further, he learns that Truman’s owner was actually murdered. (M FIC ROS)

Slaughter, Karin. “The Last Widow.” Two terrifying events take place in Atlanta. First a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control is taken, and then one of Atlanta’s most important neighborhoods is bombed — the neighborhood that houses the CDC offices, Emory University, the FBI, and two major hospitals. Medical examiner Sara Linton and investigator Will Trent rush to crack the conspiracy before innocent lives are lost. (M FIC SLA)

Woods, Stuart. “Contraband.” Stone Barrington is enjoying his time in Key West, soaking up the sun and getting some much needed rest. But true to his life, trouble finds Stone even on vacation. A national smuggling operation takes him from bliss in Florida to chaos in Manhattan as he tries to uncover why all the evidence he collects keeps disappearing and why suddenly all of his acquaintances seem to know each other. (M FIC WOO)


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