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School Board Awards Building Contracts – Transylvania County, NC


August 26, 2019

The Transylvania County Board of Education unanimously approved the form of the contracts for the architectural firm Clark Nexsen and CMAR (construction manager at risk) Vannoy Construction to begin working on the design and construction of renovations/additions at Brevard High and Rosman High/Middle schools.

The board also unanimously authorized Board Chair Tawny McCoy and Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaris to execute the contracts.

Board Attorney Chris Campbell said negotiations with the two firms have occurred over the past several weeks.

Campbell said there are two contracts with Clark Nexsen, one for Brevard High and one for Rosman High/Middle.

There is just one contract with Vannoy. He said one of the reasons for the single CMAR contract is Vannoy could implement its resources wherever needed between the two campuses.

“We really thought it was just much easier to do a single CMAR contract,” said Campbell.

He said Clark Nexsen is estimating the work will be $32 million at Brevard High and $19 million at Rosman High, for a total “bricks and mortar” cost of more than $51 million.

He said the CMAR’s fixed fee is 3.75 percent of that figure.

“That’s their profit. That’s their fee for doing the job for both campuses,” said Campbell.

He said the charge for “general conditions” will be about $4 million, but that figure is fluid since a design for Rosman High has not been selected.

He said they would continue to negotiate with the companies on those general conditions.

“All of that will be brought to you later as the guaranteed maximum price,” said Campbell. “At that point the board can approve it or disapprove it.”

“The architect and the CMAR will be working very hard to bring both projects in under budget,” he added.

He said bonds and insurance are about 1.5 percent of the costs.

The architectural cost covering both Brevard and Rosman campuses would be a total of $3.4 million.

“That is after the credit for the pre-planning work that they did for you,” said Campbell.

Campbell said the only other additional fee they know the school board would have to pay is roughly $87,000 to convert existing documents to digital documents.

“That’s kind of a very big picture of both,” said Campbell.

Board member Courtney Domokur said the board and staff have to pay close attention to the designs and bids so that there are not additional fees later. Campbell said the architects and CMAR are contractually obligated to try to get bids that are within the budget.

“We do have a 3 percent owner contingency,” said Norris Barger, director of business services and plant operations for the school system.

Barger also said he has reserved about $180,000 out of the “soft costs” as a contingency.

Campbell said it is part of the contract that the architect would have to incorporate all changes “at no additional costs” unless those changes “could not have been reasonably expected by the architect.”

Campbell said that if the school system had to do a complete redesign, then the school system would have to pay for it.

Board member Marty Griffin said his only major concern is water that could be discovered at Rosman High/Middle.

Barger said there is $18,000 designated for deep foundation design at Rosman.

“We know we’re going to have to do that,” said Barger. “There’s always a chance that we get down in there and have to do a little bit more.”

Barger said the school system really has two contingency funds: the 3 percent owner contingency and the additional soft costs.

Campbell said the architect and CMAR are working closely so that the bids will come in under budget.

“You’ve got two entities that are very good at this,” said Campbell of Clark Nexsen and Vannoy.

Domokur said the community is going to analyze what is occurring because the projects are so big, and the school board, architects and CMAR will be closely monitoring the projects.

“I think that we’re in a good spot,” said Domokur.

McCoy said there has been a great deal of work in negotiating the contracts.

The board then unanimously approved the form of the contracts and authorized the board chair and superintendent to execute the contracts.

“I will notify them both right now as we speak,” said Campbell.

Superintendent Contract

McCoy said the board evaluates the superintendent each year and has finished that evaluation.

“We are confident in our superintendent,” said McCoy. “We appreciate what Dr. McDaris has done for our system.”

The board then unanimously extended McDaris’ contract as superintendent for another four years.

“Thank you for your confidence,” said McDaris. “It’s an honor.”


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