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Timber Sales Equal Deforestation


August 26, 2019

The Forest Services’ phrase “timber sales” equals deforestation, the razing, for profit, of our life-support systems on Earth.

Observers of the big picture in weather events know that, while the rest of the country, indeed the world, is baking in temperatures over 100° F, we here enjoy 63° temperatures at night and seldom over 90°F during the daytime. That can be attributed to the presence of the living forest to the west and uphill from us.

California keeps cramming people into their state, “clearing” the trees and the underbrush to build more houses. The moisture and cooling shade that their forests once provided evaporate into the winds, so their houses burn and they swelter in never-before temperatures. That lost moisture has wafted over Nebraska, descending in torrential rains, bursting the levees on the Missouri River and flooding and destroying the croplands that feed us.

Oklahoma once was lush and fertile, as the music from the play says – “the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain…” But humans plowed up too much of the tall-grass prairies that had sustained life for centuries with cycles of grazing, growing and precipitation. Then the rains stopped coming and the Dust Bowl killed the hopes and dreams of the pioneers.

When Arkansas allowed the clear-cutting of its great forests, the rain cycles they had hosted disappeared, causing a drought in the forests downwind in Tennessee and cataclysmic forest fires resulted, destroying tourist and outdoors industries around Gatlinburg and Dollywood for years.

Brazil now allows the deforestation of the once-lush jungles, and wildfires are now roaring through the area because the systems are disrupted. Loggers are destroying the very planet beneath our feet.

Do we want these disasters to happen here because we allow our forests to be cut down?

Elizabeth Reshower

Pisgah Forest


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