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Trump Worse Than Scrooge McDuck


August 26, 2019

When I first read that Donald Trump was interested in buying Greenland, I thought immediately of a 1957 Uncle Scrooge McDuck comic book. For those unfamiliar with Scrooge, he is the world’s wealthiest duck, who keeps all of his money in a giant money bin located in Duckburg, USA – think Trump tower.

Scrooge becomes fed up with the factories, smog, noise and crowds of Duckburg, conditions he created. He buys land in a wilderness where he can keep his money in the open, safe from thieves and taxes – think offshore account. He brings his nephews Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie with him.

As they fly over the pristine land, Donald says “What a clean and wonderful place.”

Scrooge replies, “And it’s going to stay that way.”

But Scrooge begins to see that his wilderness purchase is rich in money-making opportunities. He can bottle and sell the pure water; turn timber into paper; pipe natural gas to chemical factories. He finds minerals everywhere. In his lust for money and power, he would willingly destroy the wilderness.

Enter the resident Pygmy Indians, who speak in the cadence of Longfellow’s Hiawatha. The land is theirs, just as the land of Greenland, an autonomous region of Denmark, belongs to the Inuit and others who live there. The Indians easily outsmart Scrooge. They save their land, much like the Danish and Greenlanders who have tripped up Trump and his “crazy” idea simply by saying “No.”

Greenlanders had everything to lose and nothing to gain. They are unwilling to give up the benefits of their tax money: universal health care; free state and college education; child care, generous maternity benefits for both parents, and other benefits Americans don’t have.

By standing up to Trump and saying “No,” Danes and Greenlanders triggered his usual child’s tantrum: “If you won’t give me what I want, I’m not going to play with you again.” He sulks, whines and cancels a state visit, once again insulting a U.S. ally.

Trump acts like a comic book character, but sadly he is not. He is real, dangerous and out of control.

Pamela Blevins



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