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Harry Corbin


September 2, 2019

The poet Maya Angelou has often been paraphrased as saying people are remembered not for what they said or what they did, but how they made you feel. Harry Corbin, former superintendent of Transylvania County Schools who passed away last week, made people feel appreciated. That attribute is beneficial in any profession, but it is strikingly important in education, particularly in dealing with children.

During his roughly two decades as superintendent, Corbin hired good people and let them do their jobs. Though Corbin did not micro-manage, he was well aware of what was occurring in the schools and exerted his leadership whenever necessary. He had the foresight to establish physical education classes in kindergarten through middle school, as well as initiating an alternative program for students who were not succeeding in the typical classroom setting. Corbin saw that some children’s needs were not being met and took steps to remedy the situation. He did that not only with long-term projects but also in his daily activities when he would help small children tie their shoes, open their milk cartons or assist them with a lesson.

During his tenure, the community supported two bond referendums, a direct testament to people’s support of and faith in the school system.

Corbin treated everyone, regardless of age or station in life, with respect and care. He was an exceptional superintendent, a gentle leader, who will be greatly missed.


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