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Gun Free Zones


September 16, 2019

I call them “soft targets,” locations that post themselves as gun free zones only advertise to any mentally sick person “target me” if you want to shoot unarmed folks; no guns here!

We have recently been reminded of how fragile our lives are with horrible shootings in El Paso, Gilroy and Dayton, along with others throughout recent years; many locations were gun free zones.

A friend of mine said, “Unfortunately, these are the times in which we live and we need to be able to protect ourselves wherever we go!”

I agree with that statement and that’s the reason I support concealed carry permits!

Some of you may ask “Why do we need to protect ourselves?”

I can only respond by saying that I don’t have the answers to eliminate such horrific acts of mass shootings nor do I have a great deal of confidence in our government adding more gun controls, extended background checks or even the “red flag law” to stop them. The mentally sick and criminals don’t obey gun laws!

Whenever one enters a “gun free zone,” he/she loses the ability to protect themselves. The only exception is our courthouse, for they provide excellent, armed security and scanning devices. That’s a real gun free zone!

Bottom line, I recommend that every location designated as a “gun free zone” be responsible enough to provide sufficient armed security to minimize the threat of some mentally deranged person staging a mass shooting. Heaven forbid that it happens here!

This may be a band-aid approach to helping solve the problem. Unfortunately, it’s a band-aid we may have to wear for a long time!

Bill Dashiell

Pisgah Fores


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