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Greenhouse Gases Caused Earth's Warming


September 26, 2019

Perhaps we should dig a little deeper into Charles Blunt’s description of the cycles of climate change. There have been five mass extinctions on earth since life began. All but one was caused by the warming of the earth by greenhouse gases. The other was caused by an asteroid. The worst was 250 million years ago when carbon dioxide warmed the earth by five degrees Celsius. Only a “sliver” of life remained. If nothing is done, we are on track for an increase of 3.7 Celsius by the end of the decade.

With the rise of population and consumption and modern industrial technology, 85 percent of carbon emitted into the atmosphere took place since the end of World War II. This is both very recent and man-made.

Here are a few of the frightening events that we will likely see in the next decades if we do nothing:

At only 2 degrees Celsius major cities will suffer severe water shortages; many equatorial regions will be unlivable, heat waves in all latitudes will kill thousands. According the World Bank, by 2060 there will be 150 million climate refugees.

Devastating heat waves will be regular; famine will increase as arable land loses its optimal temperature and rainfall; wildfires on a scale never seen, often out of control; casualties of air pollution likely in the millions; hundreds of once-in-a -thousand-year storms; oceans dying of acidification. All of this is laid out in “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace Wells, a book length summary of earth and meteorological science and more that ought to be required reading for every inhabitant of our planet.

There are ways out: a carbon tax, changes in diet, new agricultural practices, major investments in carbon capture and green energy, and a degree of sacrifice. If the top 10 percent of the world’s individual emitters reduced their carbon footprint to that of an average EU citizen, global emissions would fall by 35 percent.

Alas, there is no will to do this now, as we accelerate towards a man-made catastrophe in the lifetime of our grandchildren, perhaps even our children.

Howard Rock



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