Cat Café Is A Wonderful Place


September 30, 2019

I am writing in response to the article about Pisgah Paws Cat Café and Emporium that ran in The Transylvania Times on Sept. 26, 2019. I am saddened that this article painted a negative picture of Pisgah Paws Cat Café and Emporium.

I have visited the café on numerous occasions and have gotten to know the staff and volunteers there. These people love these animals immensely. Otherwise, there would be no Pisgah Paws Cat Café and Emporium! The reason this place exists is to save the cats and to place them in loving homes.

These cats are well cared for by the staff and volunteers. They are fed high quality food, have access to clean water, and have a large climate controlled area in which to live and play. Additionally, the café is cleaned twice daily. The people who care for these animals do so because they honestly love them and want the very best for them.

This café is a wonderful place, for both the cats and for visitors. And beyond that, the café is a vital rescue for animals that have nowhere else to go. Due to the over-population issue, most of these animals would be euthanized. I am grateful that the café is here.

The idea that these animals are not cared for adequately is beyond comprehension and absolutely ridiculous. I, for one, will continue to visit the café and support this cause.

I would ask that before forming an opinion based on the printed article, that people take some time and go visit the café. Go see for yourself the wonderful things that are being accomplished for these animals by people who truly have a heart for the innocent.

Melissa S. Ramsey

Pisgah Forest


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