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Democrats so hate Trump that they will try anything to get him out of office. The latest drumbeat is “impeachment.” They will hang on to a phrase, a suggestion, a vague hint at a transgression, a suggestion of impropriety, in order to make the case for impeachment. It matters not that the so-called will of the House has no chance of passing the Senate.

The real purpose of this is to mask and delay what Trump is accomplishing and trying to accomplish in the White House. His deeds are numerous, whether it be tax relief, stemming illegal immigration, renegotiation of trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, Japan and the big one, China, and the rest of the world.

The stock market has taken notice and the Dow is up over 9,000 points since Trump took office. Lest you think that concern is only for millionaires and billionaires, the number of people holding their retirement accounts, IRAs and 401ks numbers in the millions.

But all of this matters not to the Democratic Party. They will obfuscate and fill the compliant press and TV with anything that will dominate the news. They are not interested in what is good for the country. Even the conservative outlets and TV will be forced to spend time in rebuttal rather than concentrating on the business of the nation.

Joe Gerardi



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