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Time For A Change


Last updated 10/2/2019 at 5:26pm

This year President Trump and the E.P.A., led by a coal lobbyist, drove the final stake into the heart of the Clean Power Plan, a rule cutting emissions from power plants and encouraging them to move toward natural gas and renewable power. With Trump’s new rule, E.P.A. does virtually nothing to address its obligation to regulate carbon dioxide, address climate changes, or ensure clean air, water and health.

Trump says climate change is a “hoax,” falsely claiming that it was a phenomenon invented by the Chinese government; this after 200 countries signed an agreement to limit greenhouse gases and related global heating in 2015.

The president has since packed his cabinet and staff with lobbyists and former oil, gas, coal and chemical allies and they confirm a massive conflict of interest with every major environmental decision. With an election looming, millions of dollars to buy influence continues to pour in.

Trump and his appointees have relentlessly waged war on the environment, removing protections from thousands of America’s streams and millions of acres of wetlands, harming wildlife and enabling agricultural and industry waste to continue polluting our water, harming our waterways, health, quality of life and local economies.

State legislators and DEQ have also failed to protect our state from local issues facing North Carolina residents. Coal-fired power plants, concentrated animal feeding, emerging pollutants like Gen X, and the adverse health effects of global warming from natural disasters like hurricanes are of particular significance to our state.

It is long past time for a change. If there is to be a legacy for our children, if our main economic resource is to survive, if our health and quality of life are to endure, voters must demand that our elected representatives be strong environmental advocates, partners and protectors.

Terry Brant



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