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October 7, 2019

I’m writing as a member of the Tannery Skatepark Task Force to address the issues of the city not being able to find liability insurance for the Tannery Skatepark and the subsequent new information brought to light by the recent article in The Transylvania Times. The press release issued by the city on Sept. 26 states the NCLM had established a new threshold for insuring skateparks and wouldn’t be covering our park. The article illustrates that is not exactly correct.

It appears there is a clear path to getting this liability coverage.

I find it very confusing as to why the city is not doing its best to wrap this up and open the park as it is in all of our stated interests to do so. My plea to the city council is to help reenergize and refocus the city offices so we can complete this important project.

It would be a shame to halt the project at this stage when there are clearly more options for seeing it through. There are many citizens of this town who have invested substantial time and money, and it would be wasteful to not to follow through with our mutual commitment to creating a city run skatepark.

The press release also mentions working toward building a concrete skatepark. I agree that a proper concrete park would be a better end result. However, all along, the task force has presented this wooden ramp as a temporary and affordable first step to this end. I would be happy to advise the city on how to meet this goal, but for now we need to complete this first step and honor the efforts and expense already put forth by hundreds of Brevard residents.

Raising $72,000 in two months was no easy task. I personally donated $8,000 worth of my artwork as thank you gifts for the larger donors. The volunteer building crews consisted of people from small kids to seniors. Not seeing this through will disrespect the generosity shown by all of these people.

Let’s get this done and serve this long overlooked portion of our town.

George Peterson



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