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Upset By Police Raid


October 7, 2019

I am a volunteer at the Pisgah Paws Cat Café and I have been for several months. A couple of my friends and I go there at least once per week to clean the cat room, feed and water the cats, and help out around the café. Dozens of other volunteers do the same throughout the week.

I was very upset to see the article in The Times on Sept. 26 and the statements made by the Brevard Police regarding their raid on the cat café in August and saddened to see that the Transylvania Shelter has banned Paws from rescuing animals.

Never once has the cat café had 70-80 cats there. Never once have there been skeletal or dying cats. Never once has the cat room been filthy or left uncleaned. The cat room, including the litter boxes, gets cleaned at least twice per day. The cats are all well-fed, well-cared for and loved.

It is ridiculous to accuse Paws of not properly caring for the cats or not keeping the cat room clean. Many customers come every weekend to spend time with the kitties. If it was filthy with sick and dying cats, there would have been public outrage, instead of positive reviews and repeat customers. It is really a shame that our local police and shelter do not appreciate Paws.

Our community is lucky to have a rescue like Paws with so many volunteers who care about the animals in this county. If you have any doubts about the cat café, come visit us sometime.

It’s sad the police chose to raid the place, instead of just stopping in for a friendly visit any of the three days per week we are open. The cat café manager arranges special appointments during the days that we are closed for potential adopters to come meet and adopt cats, so I’m sure if the police had asked her she would have been more than happy to let them in and give them a tour.

Please support Paws and the excellent work they do to rescue animals in our community.

Amber Nicole Lyons



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