Demi Moore, Patti Smith And Ringo Starr Tell Their Stories

What’s New At The Library


Last updated 10/14/2019 at 2:42pm

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Barr, Mark. “Watershed.” Set in the post-Depression South, Nathan and Clare are just two of the community members of a small Tennessee town who get electricity for the first time. The arrival of this new utility shines a light on the town secrets — dog-fighting, prostitution, violence — and forces Nathan and Clare to look at their lives. Nathan is hiding from his past, while Clare has a new-found freedom. (FIC

Bunn, Davis. “Unscripted.” Everyone in Hollywood used to want Danny to produce their movies because he “was always on time and under budget.” But his business partner took off with all of the investor’s money and Danny can’t find a job anywhere. Then he meets Megan, a lawyer who is also trying to redeem her reputation. The two begin work on a project to save them both. (FIC BUN)

Mengiste, Maaza. “The Shadow King.” It’s 1935 Ethiopia and Hirut is a maid for a cruel officer of the Emperor’s army. When Mussolini’s troops invade and the Emperor goes into hiding, Hirut wants to raise morale for her people who have lost all hope. She dresses a peasant as the hidden leader of Ethiopia and pretends to be his bodyguard then travels around encouraging other women to take up arms. (FIC MEN)

Moyes, Jojo. “The Giver of Stars.” When Alice married Bennett and moved from England to Kentucky, she was excited for a new life of adventure. But the place they live is isolated and her father-in-law is domineering. Things change when Eleanore Roosevelt’s traveling library begins and the call goes out to women who are willing to travel by horseback to deliver books. Alice happily signs on. (FIC MOY)


Miller, Chanel. “Know My Name: A Memoir.” Brock Turner received only six months in county jail for sexually assaulting a classmate at Stanford University. Today the victim, Chanel Miller, has stepped forward openly to tell her story. Brock Turner went on trial in 2016, stating, “both of them were drunk” at the time of the incident. The public backlash for the “soft” punishment led to an open conversation about sexual assault cases. (B Miller)

Moore, Demi. “Inside Out: A Memoir.” Though Demi Moore has been counted among the most influential women in Hollywood, she has battled demons throughout her acting career. She has dealt with addiction, failed marriages, and a haunting childhood filled with abuse. By the age of fifteen, her mother was “renting out” her daughter to older men for cash. Despite all of her troubles, Moore is clearly a resilient woman. (B Moore)

Smith, Patti. “Year of the Monkey.” Coming off an exhausting band tour in 2015, Patti Smith begins a year of reflection. She doesn’t pay attention to time or schedule as she wanders, beginning on the Santa Cruz coast. The current political climate, growing older, and personal loss are all motivators for Smith to reset her heart and mind to the woman she has become. By the end of her journey, Smith is hopeful for the future. (B Smith)

Starr, Ringo. “Another Day in the Life.” One member of arguably the most famous band in Rockn-Roll history, Ringo Starr tells his life story through pictures, quotes, and vignettes. Over five hundred photographs, some never before seen, trace his life as he wanders the world from Britain to America to humor and information, all painting a picture of one of the most talented artists alive. (B Starr)


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