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Bring Aldi To Brevard


Last updated 10/14/2019 at 2:37pm

I was disappointed to read in last week’s Times that no progress has been made on bringing an Aldi to Brevard a full 19 months past the date of their application.

Much emphasis is being put on promoting healthy eating for improved health and wellness through educational programs in our schools and community. I can’t think of a more practical way to help people improve their diets than to have healthy foods easily available at an affordable price.

Aldi sells fresh produce, including organic options, at a small fraction of the price charged at other grocery stores. They also sell a wide variety of seeds, nuts, whole grain products and many other nutritious items at prices considerably lower than other stores.

I make a weekly trip to the Aldi in Arden as the big savings justify the time and gas I use to get there. Many of my acquaintances do the same.

However, those least able to afford healthy food choices may not have the means to leave town for their shopping.

I would like to encourage all those involved in the planning and decision making process to approve the building of an Aldi and quickly push for its construction.

Health education is great, but we also need to make the implementation of healthy eating habits affordable and attainable to all our county residents.

Helen Coomer

Pisgah Forest


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