Barr Is Destroying Moral Order


Last updated 10/21/2019 at 2:28pm

Last week the Attorney General of the United States told an audience at the University of Notre Dame’s Law School that “militant secularists” are conspiring to “destroy the traditional moral order” of this country. William Barr should be ashamed of himself.

First, as the Attorney General, Barr’s job is to ensure that no one will be persecuted because of their religious belief or non-belief. In the United States, people are free to be agnostics, atheists, or passionate believers, evangelical Christians or Quakers, orthodox Jews or feminist Catholics, devout Muslims or LGBTQ Protestants, Unitarians or Pagans or Southern Baptists. The Justice Department, which the Attorney General heads, is charged with protecting us all, including “militant secularists.”

Second, William Barr is flat out lying when he declares that secularists are out to destroy the moral order of this country. Like his boss the president, Barr is lying for the purpose of stirring division among us and further alienating us.

Here we see his Attorney General doing what the president routinely does: accusing others of doing exactly what he himself is doing – in this case, destroying the foundations of a great nation steeped in the moral vision of creating liberty and justice for all.

Carter Heyward

Cedar Mountain


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