N.C. Wildlife Recommends Wearing Orange


October 21, 2019

Hunting season for many different game animals lasts from fall through winter. Wearing orange while in the forest can help you stand out. ( Courtesy Photo)

Fall is here, and so is the hunting season. Many take to the woods this time of year to enjoy the brisk weather and fall foliage, and its important to be aware of hunting activity in the area if you're venturing into the forests this time of year.

One of the best things hikers and bikers can do to stay safe and courteous during hunting seasons is to wear hunter orange, or a similarly bright color while in any of the game land territories in the county. In Transylvania County alone, hunting is permitted in Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Forest and Headwaters State Forest. Outdoor clothing often tends to be earth-toned, and it's easy to blend in with the forest, especially when the leaves turn colors.

"We are all users to our (public) land," said Deet James, wildlife specialist with the North Carolina Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission. "One of the things right off, is typically at our game lands, we will have postings that hunters will be in the area. Hunters wear orange, and so should you."

Any person hunting bear, rabbit, squirrel, grouse, pheasant or quail with firearms, and anyone hunting deer is required to wear a cap or hat made of hunter orange, which gives 360-degree visibility. Hikers and bikers are not required by law to also wear hunter orange, but is generally safer for everyone if they do.

Those Hiking or Biking with children or dogs should also think about making sure their little ones and companions are wearing hunter orange. It is a good idea for mountain bikers to simply purchase a neon colored helmet if they enjoy riding often in the fall. Pet owners can purchase neon vests for their animals during the hunting season.

"The other thing I would also suggest... I would let (hikers or bikers) know, if they do see people that are hunting or that are using an area, not at all (to) stay out of it, but kind of be aware that hunters are waiting for big game. It is kind of a first come, first serve. Be cognizant and respectful of hunters that are there," said James.

James recommends anytime from September through March, it's a good idea to wear hunter orange

in the forest.

Hunting Seasons

The following information for Transylvania County hunting seasons comes from the North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting & Trapping Regulations:

• Big Game – Bear Hunting: Oct. 14 – Nov. 23, Dec. 16 – Jan. 1

• Big Game – Gun Deer Hunting: Nov. 25 – Dec. 14

• Bobcat Hunting: Oct. 14 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Raccoon and Opossum Hunting: Oct. 14 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Grey and Red Squirrel Hunting: Oct. 14 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Fox Squirrel Hunting: Oct. 14 – Jan. 31

• Small Game – Quail Hunting: Nov. 23 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Rabbit Hunting and Box Trapping: Oct. 14 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Grouse Hunting: Oct. 14 – Feb. 29

• Small Game – Pheasant Hunting: Nov. 23 – Feb. 1.

For more information about hunting in Transylvania County, visit http://www.ncwildlife.org or call the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission at (919) 707-0031.


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