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Free To Fail


October 28, 2019

There was a letter to the editor published in the Oct. 21 Transylvania Times that shows how much the socialist perspective has already crept into the thinking of the American citizenry. In a legitimate observation about seemingly poor business investments in Brevard, John Flynn criticizes a nameless city “bureaucrat” for approving which businesses are permitted to operate in our town.

This is not the way it works in the United States and hopefully never will be. People are free to open any business they want as long as they meet accepted standards set by the federal, state, county and city jurisdictions. This is just like building a house and having to meet building codes, set-back requirements, septic rules, etc. The City of Brevard planning department only ensures businesses meet their standards. Whether or not the investor is making a smart decision, only time will tell. One of the beautiful aspects of a free market economy is anyone is free to fail, and fear of failure is a powerful motivator.

David Watkins



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