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November 7, 2019

Michael Hawkins is the owner of Team Hawkins Detailing. (Courtesy photo)

I held my breath last Halloween Thursday, hoping that the rain would make way to deliver clear, or at least, cloudy skies, so trick or treaters could venture out. We certainly wouldn't have wanted you to eat all of that candy yourself. I am not sure what the weather was like in different areas of our county, but Angie and William Hemphill reported, "We had the event. It was awesome! With the weather being so unpredictable, the kids, as well as the adults, still managed to have a wonderful time."

Because of the stormy weather all day, the event was moved from the Silversteen playground to Bethel "A" Baptist Church. "We would like to thank Bethel "A," Jersey Mike's and the other wonderful people who made this possible." You can find photos on Facebook and I will be sure to post in subsequent months down at the MCJCC kiosk.

I have written about White Squirrel car wash before. I have shared about Michael Hawkins and his fantastic Team Hawkins Detailing team. Besides terrific service (automatic/ self-serve, or the only full service car wash in town,) there are "green" extras that appeal. "We're the environmentally-friendly option...the only wash in town to recycle our water and get some of our electricity from the solar panels on our roof," Hawkins said. It was a no-brainer then, that when I learned about another, bigger car wash coming to town, I felt alarmed. So, apparently are you. It didn't feel like a smart move to me, to put another car wash right across the street from the other. At least, in my mind, not if we wanted 100 percent success for these businesses.

I was interested to see something in the paper written by the interim City Planning Director Paul Ray. He said city planners are "regulators and are not economic developers." They do not "solicit companies nor can we dictate what retail shops, restaurants or services are allowed in Brevard." Hmm. "Urban planning is the practice of sensible development within the confines of state and local laws, and city planners passionately strive to shape the city to reflect the vision of our elected city leaders."

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