Annual Festival Adding Wooden Trees To Display – Brevard, NC


November 7, 2019

Earl Stifflear (left) and Dave Carter show some of the wooden trees they've made for the Festival of Trees. The two men constructed the stand-up stylized trees in their home workshops.

It goes without saying the Festival of Trees in December will have plenty of gaily decorated real Christmas trees on display. But this year organizers are adding something new: wooden trees.

Two volunteer wood-workers have just finished building 11 stand-up trees made entirely out of wood.

They'll be used to decorate the entrance to Brevard College's Porter Center, where the benefit event will run Dec. 5-8.

The men who fashioned the trees in their home workshops, Dave Carter, of Cedar Mountain, and Earl Stifflear, of DeerLake Village in Brevard, are no strangers to the Children's Center, which holds the festival. Carter's mother, Roberta Hallinen, and Stifflear's wife, Marilyn, are both active members of the center's board of directors. Hallinen is co-chair of the festival.

The two men took their directions from the women, crafting the stylized trees in various sizes up to 7 feet tall. There's a set of three of stair-step size that go together; the rest are individual trees that vary from 4 to 6 feet tall.

Each tree is being hand-painted by other volunteers at the center, using traditional combinations of green, red and white.

They are made for use indoors or outdoors and each will be decorated with scores of mini-lights.

"They'll be a bright welcoming decoration as you approach the Porter Center's doors," said Hallinen.

The trees will be on sale and for pickup after the festival.

Carter and Stifflear say making them was fun. "They went together without much fuss and I think we both felt good about doing something for the Children's Center," said Carter.

"It was more fun than work to make them," agreed Stifflear.

Carter is a contractor and used to building projects in his home workshop when he's not building houses.

Stifflear, a retired food corporation supervisor, has a fully equipped 400-square-foot workshop in the basement of his home and says he is often "puttering" in it.

The festival is the Children's Center's major fund raiser for the year.

The nonprofit, located on South Johnson Street in Brevard, operates a number of programs for abused and neglected children and families at risk.

For more information about the Festival of Trees, visit the center's website,, or its Facebook page.


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