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TVS And Free Rein


November 11, 2019

Free Rein, a wonderful therapeutic riding program in our community, recently held its annual fundraiser, the Mane Event, which included both a silent and a live auction. As I reviewed the offerings for the live auction, I was drawn to a beautiful painting of a horse. I was told it had been created by artists from TVS (Transylvania Vocational Services) who had benefitted from riding at Free Rein and wanted to give back to that program. They designed and painted a beautiful and evocative work of art, and donated it to Free Rein to help them.

As an artist, I was amazed when I saw the horse painting. Its vibrant colors and energy really tell a compelling story. What a great contribution to the auction! I knew that I wanted to bid on it, and that I wanted to bid as much as I could to honor the artists and their efforts. Obviously, some other bidders felt the same way. A sizeable amount of money was raised by this art piece to support Free Rein’s mission.

TVS provides training and employment for adults with disabilities and is a wonderful blessing to our community. Participants in the TVS Life Skills program are the artists who have donated their work in order to help make our community better. What a wonderful collaboration it is to see the Free Rein program helping and serving these folks and to see them, in turn, helping and serving Free Rein! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all find ways to support and help each other in serving the many needs in our world?

TVS and Free Rein both do wonderful work. It is the collaboration between the two that is the real story here. Riding and participating with horses, staff and volunteers at Free Rein inspired TVS artists, and their subsequent creativity and generosity inspired me and others to support Free Rein. I urge everyone to get familiar with the wonderful programs sponsored by both, TVS and Free Rein. Our community is stronger because of them.

Nancy E. Richards

Cedar Mountain


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